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Mississippi Valley Trail aka.Almonte Riverside Trail

David N June 2, 2015 1 Comment
Mississippi Valley Trail aka.Almonte Riverside Trail

The Almonte Riverside Trail is an intermediate single track trail West of Ottawa just outside the picturesque town of Almonte. The trail system is continuing to grow with some areas not on the map yet. The best way to see all of this network is to catch the wheel of one of the local riders and follow them.

Trail information and more can be found on the Almonte Outdoors website.

The single track would best be described as a bit bumpy with lots of rocks and roots. Several short rock gardens and bridges add to the fun.  A bit of suspension on your bike makes the trail more enjoyable.

See below for the official trail map.  The trails continues to expand and maps will be update as they become available.

Almonte Riverside Trail

The trail head/entrance to the system is located on Strathburn Street about 200m from where it meets Country Road 29/Christian Street. There is a sign on the North hand side of the road indicating the trail entrance.


The network wouldn’t exist without the co-operation and good will of the local land owners who gave permission for the trail to cross their private land. Please be respectful so we can keep riding these trails.

Almonte Trails



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