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Annual Mont Ste. Marie Events and Trail Day

David N May 14, 2013 No Comments
Annual Mont Ste. Marie Events and Trail Day

When: May 18-19th, 2013 (Saturday + Sunday) – Starts at 10am
Where: Mont Ste. Marie Ski Hill
Who: Everyone!

For any one interested in trying Mont Ste Marie on the long weekend we are having our annual long weekend events. Come for the day as we could really use some help and join the ride after or stay for the weekend. Our trails are soon to be world class trails that are fun and flowy, designed for all skill levels with gentle climbs and plenty of hills for an excellent training workout along with all the breathtaking scenic views and outdoor experience, these trails will have you coming back for more.

We now have 25km of trail and our master plan is for 75+km (with-in the private lands and way more once we have approval to go on crown lands) of the best quality trails ever. See link below for pictures. Also see our web site at or like us on Facebook at VeloMsM. Also feel free to contact myself for any question at

See our photo gallery to see what you can expect to find on the trails

An excellent time to join in on a group ride would be the May long weekend when we will be hosting our second annual May long weekend rides and volunteer trail work day. Help with trail building or simply come for the rides, either way we would love to show you these trails.

Saturday May 18th and 19th
Starts off with a Sat at 10am trail day until 2pm, then a BBQ and prizes followed by a group ride and guided tour of our trails. Stay the weekend as we will be having a party on Saturday evening and another group ride Sunday morning at 10am. All activities start in front of the main ski lodge at the VeloMsM trail head Gazebo and there is no charge for the trail day or rides.
Please contact me if your interested for ideas on accommodation’s or for camping ideas. (Forest Fire risk is currently high, please use caution with camping fires)
Shovels, Pulaski’s and Matlock’s are handy tools for the trail day if you have, or we have plenty of tools too.

Our newest trail project is our most exciting to date, a trail that brings us up the mountain. A 3.6km climb with a total average grades of 6%, destined to be a legendary trail. Taylor’s Tower of Power (TToP), plus TToP will be a hoot going down and come help us build it. Click here to pictures of TToP in the making.


We the VeloMsM committee are always very busy trying very hard for every way to find funds to continue building trails for you. If you can please help us at our donation box that is in the VeloMsM trail head Gazebo in front of the main Mont Ste Marie ski lodge. Or our Pay-Pal acc on

We are pleased to announce that we have just won a $15,000.00 MEC grant to put toward the trails, Thank You Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). Every bit helps and your contributions go directly to more trails as we have a lot of trails to build for you.

Hope to see you on the long weekend. It’s all about see you again, the rides and the outdoor experience.

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