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David N September 15, 2014 No Comments
  • Do you ride the trails at South March, Camp Fortune or other area trails?
  • Are you an OMBA Member?
  • Do you care about the mountain biking community  and want to see more trail development?
  • Do you live out of town, and only use the trails occasionally, but would like to contribute?
  • Can’t make it out to any of the trail days?

Then please donate to Ottawa Mountain Bike Association.

Click Here to become a Sponsor or Member

Some of you reading this contribute through your time and effort working on trail building or maintenance, but for many people out there who are to busy to contribute volunteer time,  this is an opportunity to offer financial support.

We would all rather be riding than working and financial donations can help to get the work done more quickly.

So, where does the money go?

  • Tool and equipment rentals and purchases.
  • Insurance for the club (a requirement of landowners we work with), resources, tents, trailers, printed materials
  • Materials for trail repair – bridges cost approximately $13 per foot. (Think about that for a second! Go and measure any of the bridges at South March).

You can donate as much or as little as you can afford. Please note however that we are a “Not for Profit” organization so we cannot provide a tax receipt.

Please continue to enjoy all of the resources, trails, maps, web sites and group rides that OMBA offers and we will continue to be a strong voice when working with the City of Ottawa, NCC and Camp Fortune.  Please consider donating to maintain and improve Mountain Biking in the Ottawa Area.

Thank You,

The OMBA Team