Ottawa Mountain Bike Association


Frequently Asked Questions with Answers


Q: Where can I rent a Fat bike this winter?

A: Several of our sponsors are renting fat bikes during the winter season. It’s best to call in ad


Bicyclette de Hull in Gatineau, Québec. Off Hwy 5 (Not to far from the Asticou parking lot), 2nd location in Aylmer

Expeditions Wakefield in Wakefield, Quebéc (North of Ottawa)

Fresh Air Experience Ottawa, Westboro Ottawa

Full Cycle Ottawa, (North) St. Laurent Road, Ottawa 

La Shop  in (East) Gatineau, Quebéc

Phat Moose Cycles down town Ottawa

Tall Tree Cycles in Westboro, Ottawa

Vélozphie in (West) Gatineau, Quebéc 

as well as

Greg Christie’s Skies and Bikes in Chelsea, Quebéc


Other bike shops may be renting but these shops have been confirmed. You should probably book well in advance as rentals are popular on the weekend.

Q: Where can I ride my fatbike?

A: Ottawa is very fortunate to have  several official area’s to ride:

Gatineau Park in Gatineau, Quebéc

South March Highlands in Kanata, Ottawa

Larose Forest to the East of Ottawa


Please note that a snow shoe pass (or ski pass) is required to ride on the Gatineau Park trails.

The South March Highland trails are on City of Ottawa property and are free for all to use.

Please be courteous to the other trail users, as they are shared trails. Bikes should yield to all other traffic.

Q: Where can I rent mountain/road  bike this spring/summer/fall?

A: Many of the shops have demo bikes available, but there aren’t many places that rent bikes.

You will have to call or visit some shops to find anything specific.

One of our sponsors rents hard tail bikes

Expeditions Wakefield in Wakefield, Quebéc

 A quick web search finds two more locations that rent bikes:

Rent a bike located in downtown Ottawa under the bridge going over Rideau Street at the Canal. It is on the East hand side.

Cyco’s located in down town Ottawa near the Rideau Canal

Q: Where can I get mountain bike lessons?

A: You are in luck!  Ottawa has two places for riding instructions:  Ride Ottawa and LaRocca Mountain Bike School

OMBA does not offer lessons or training, we are a mountain bike advocacy group working with  land owners and stake holders to keep our existing trails open and  to expand where we can ride. We do have frequent group rides and events. Please see our FaceBook page for details of any current events.

Q: Are the South March Highland trails only for Mountain Bikes?

A: NO!! These trails are for everyone! They were built and maintained by mountain bikers but they are used by everyone.

The trails were built and are maintained by mountain bikers but the land is owned by the City of Ottawa. OMBA has a  joint stewardship agreement with the City of Ottawa. Everyone is allowed to use the trails. Bird watchers, trail runners,  hikers, snowshoers, skiers, etc….


Q: Do you have group rides in the winter?

A: Sort of

Some of our sponsors (Tall Trees Cycles for example) have an informal weekly group ride. If there is an OMBA specific ride it is usually posted on our Facebook page. We may have scheduled rides in the near future. If you would like post a ride on our Facebook page please do.

You should also join the Ottawa Fatbike Society Facebook group. A lot of rides are posted there and it is a good place to meet other Fat bike riders.

Lastly, just get out on the trails and meet people, make friends and go ride with them!


Q: Are there any Mountain Bike races in the area?

A: Yes

In the Spring and Summer the Sunset Series Race runs weekly (weather dependant). OMBA also holds a fun Decathlon race in the Fall (details to be found on our website). There are occasionally other more serious races, but not on a regular bases that I’m aware of.

Q: Are there any kids programs?

A: Yes, a few

There are a few kids summer programs in Ottawa.

Creative Wheel runs the LaRocca Mountain Bike School which has a long history of teaching kids to ride.

Mountain Bike Kids has been running a summer school program for years.

Club Skinouk is a Gatineau based Ski club that has a summer mountain bike program

Bakker’s Trail Blazers – a kids mountain biking summer camp

Ride Ottawa – offers PMBIA certified instruction clinics for kids at most riding locations across the regions


There maybe more, but that is what I am aware of at the moment.