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Support the Carlington Bike Park in central Ottawa!


Carlington Bike Park complements existing urban green spaces


The Ottawa Mountain Bike Association with the support of the Carlington Community, have partnered with the City of Ottawa to build a bike park in Carlington Park . The former site of Carlington ski hill provides the ideal open space and natural terrain for the location of a bike park within the city’s urban core. It is an open space where parents can easily watch their kids as they have fun riding!!  This is an ideal environment for physical activity for all fitness levels.


The bike park will provide an off road cycling section on a portion of the plateau of the Carlington Park Hill in central Ottawa. It is being professionally designed and built with features that help new and experienced cyclists to build skills and confidence. We will work with natural ground features as well as add wooden, rock and log structures to create an area that is safe and engaging for both adults and children.

Location of the Pumptrack:


Draft Plans

Below is the 2D image of the pumptrack design, where you can see 3 distinct tracks for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders! Thank you Sentiers Boreals and BMXpert for the unique design! Finally Ottawa is catching up with other cities in Ontario that already have professionally built pumptracks!



Note: The skills area (wooden features) will be going around the pump track, exact details to be determined once the pump track design is approved and precise location is determined.


We need your support!

The Ottawa Mountain Bike Association is seeking community partners to raise over $153,000 to match the $153,000 Community Partnership grant made available by the City of Ottawa to build the bike park.  Cash donations over $10 will be eligible for a tax receipt from the City of Ottawa.

More donations means we will be able to use higher quality materials which will help minimize the maintenance required by volunteers.  More donations also means a more complex pumptrack enjoyed by riders of all skill levels, including advanced riders!

In order to receive a tax receipt, please remember to click the “share your mailing address with the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association” check box when you fill out the donation form. 



Donations of material, equipment, housing, volunteer labour also contribute to match the Community Partnership grant.  Contact to make an in-kind donation.


Carlington Bike Park : What is it? Why do we need it? How you can help!


Bike parks offer progressively more challenging exercises that help people of all ages and abilities build strong bike handling skills, making them stronger and safer riders who will grow to appreciate outdoors and cycling. Safety is at the forefront of the design to ensure riders build skills and progress with minimal risk. With its location on City of Ottawa land, it will be free for users to enjoy and much more accessible to a diverse population than mountain bike trails in the woods. Individuals, youth camps, and clubs will find the bike park to be a fun way to get people of all ages outdoors in an urban environment!


You can also make a donation on our GoFundMe Page.


If you prefer to send a cheque, please include “Bike Park” in the memo and mail to:

1333 Avenue Q Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0B7


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Project Evaluation Plan

To see the project evaluation plan click here.

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In the News

Interview on CTV News June 26, 2018


Thank you Sponsors

Thank you to the Ottawa Community Foundation ( for the $10,000 grant for the Carlington Bike Park! We really appreciate your support for this community project!


Thank you to Mountain Equipment CO-OP for the $20,000 grant for the Carlington Bike Park! We really appreciate your support for this community project!

We’re fortunate to have great riding trails in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, with more opening every year.  And we’re excited to announce that the Ontario Trillium Foundation has awarded OMBA-AVMO $150,000 for the construction of the Carlington Bike Park!