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OMBA Decathlon Sept 28, 2013

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OMBA Decathlon Sept 28, 2013

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants for coming out and making this such a successful event this year. Special thanks to Brian for organizing the event. The weather was perfect and the trails were dry and in great condition.


Trail/Cross Country Event

Andy 61 (won 6 events)
Greg 59 (won 3 events)
Daniel 44 (snagged a 2nd in Brian`s Descent)
James 43 (won Pump track)
Pascal 26 (best events were Humdinger and Salamander DH – strange combo)
Shane 21 (On his Phat Bike!, had to leave after lunch, 3rd place in Salamander DH)
Derek 10 (thumb mishap kept him out of 6 events but a 2nd in the Sprint with the bad thumb!)

Women`s Trail/Cross Country Event

Gen 70 (won all 10 events)
Kari 54 (2nd place in 6 events)
Chantal 44 (2nd in Long Jump and a bunch of 3rds)
Ora 36 (2nd in Salamander DH)
Josee 27.5 (2nd in the Sprint)
Sandra 24.5 (best one was the No Dab)
Rhiannon 24 (2nd in Pumptrack)

All Mountain Event

Matt W 100 (winner of 4 events)
Shawn 84 (winner of Jr. and Brian`s Descent)
Dave B 74 (2nd in 4 events – winner of the most improved award if only it existed)
Grant 69 (a couple of 3rds in Humdinger and Uberpunch)
Matt E 61 (winner of the Slopestyle hands down and hands free)
Mark McN 54 (winner of the Sprint)
Mark H 52 (3rd in the No Dab)
Joe 51 (winner of the Pumptrack)
Mark W 47 (4th in the No Dab)
John K 44 (winner of Uberpunch on Woodsy`s bike)
John O` 24 (decent results in DH, Slopestyle (I repeat, Slopestyle) and No Dab)


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