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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – Oct 1, 2016

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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – Oct 1, 2016

Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day is a FREE day of FUN on bikes for kids of all ages. We’ll have helmet fittings as well as on-site mechanics to make sure everyone’s ready to go. There will be an obstacle course, group rides and a poker run, a BBQ and baked goodies for everyone, and a few surprises too!

Each ride will have knowledgeable trail leaders. Parents are welcome to join their kids for the ride.

General Itinerary:

10 am – registration begins

10:45 am – gather for group picture, find your groups

11:00 am – head out for your ride

12:00 pm – BBQ and Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Recognition

Please read the following descriptions to choose the best group OR choose the poker run instead. There’s something for everyone!

To register go to our Eventbrite Registration Page

If you’re planning on attending with your mountain biking kid, please select an adult ticket for yourself.

Gummy Worms: You are really new to biking on 3 and 4 wheels. You like a smooth path with loads of rest stops and opportunity to take a cold drink and you need mom or dad to come with you.

Fuzzy Caterpillars:  You love riding on your 3 or 4 wheels and you can manage some rough terrain because you tried it before with mom and dad. You can ride for 30 minutes with just one or two breaks.

Crouching Tigers:  You just got off your training wheels and you are riding like the big kids! You still need some support and encouragement and sometimes fall. You probably need to walk when the trail gets rough.

Lightening Lions:  You are 5-8 years old and you are total confident on your two wheels.  You are no stranger to riding in the woods. You can ride for 45 minutes with a couple of breaks.

Chilly Cats:  You are 8-10 years old and you are looking for a chill ride. You are excited to ride in the woods, but you are a little new to this. So a relaxed ride for 40 minutes with lots of breaks for water will work for you!

Flying Squirrels:  You are 8-10 years old and ride 2-3 times a week on trails. You can ride for 1 hour with minimal rest stops.

Flaming Lizards:  10-12 years old. You are a fast and confident rider. You can ride hard for an hour.

Fast and Furious:  12-14 years old, you have attended mountain bike camps and frequently ride the trails. You can ride hard for an hour.

Cotton Candy:  You are a girl 10-14 years old and a confident rider, you know how to ride in the woods and you don’t care much about ripping it up.  A social casual ride is what you are looking for.

Easy Street:  Co-ed casual ride  ages 10 and up for those who don’t have much experience in the trails, but would like to learn more.  This group will be out for an hour and will have instructions throughout the ride.

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