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Tuesday Group Rides at South March Highlands

David N May 8, 2019 No Comments
Tuesday Group Rides at South March Highlands

OMBA is pleased to announce the first group ride of the season. Tuesday May 14, 2019.


The Ottawa Mountain Biking Association weekly group rides take place on the South March Highlands trail network, located in Kanata. The weekly ride is typically broken up into 3 or 4 groups based on a combination of ride duration, technical nature of the trails covered, and overall riding pace. The weekly group rides are just that, Group rides. The point is to ride in a social setting while still getting a feeling of satisfaction. When coming out to your first OMBA ride, speak with OMBA ride coordinator to determine what group you should be in. All of group rides are “no-drop” rides, that is, each group will have a “sweep rider” so that no one is left behind or lost.

In the event that OMBA Weekly Rides are canceled (most often due to weather/or excessively wet trails), it shall be posted on the Facebook Group no later than 5:30 pm.

Is this your first group ride? See our article on What to Expect on your first group ride



  • Rides start promptly at 7:00, so if you need to figure out what group to ride in or sign a waiver, please show up at least 10 minutes early.
  • OMBA members are required to sign a Waiver Form only once for the season.
  • Non-OMBA members are required to sign a Waiver Form for EACH TIME they join an OMBA Ride (2 x maximum. After that please join).
  • Riders must be at least 16 years of age to participate in OMBA weekly group rides (Unless accompanied at all times by a responsible adult)


Click here to download the waiver

You can also sign your waiver online for the year when you join OMBA/AVMO or renew your membership.


Riders are divided up into of one four groups:

Group A – Expert –> K2 @ 7:00pm (on your bike) Duration: ~120 minutes Trails: Ridgetop, Outback, Annex, Everything… Group A pace is very fast, with riders clearing most technical features at speed. Excellent fitness and technical skill. Minimal stopping. Breaks as needed. Breaks, we don’t need breaks!! Lights Recommended! Ride leader: TBA


Group B – Advanced –> K2 @ 7:00pm (on your bike) Duration: ~100 minutes Trails: Pwt, BailOut, Rockhopper, DogSled Loop, M-Line, Outback Group B is for riders with good techincal skill and fitness. Pace is fast but with more breaks/stops than the A Group.Breaks as needed Ride leader(s): TBA


Group C – Intermediate –> K2 @ 7:00pm (on your Bike) Duration: ~90 minutes Trails: Pwt, BailOut, Rockhopper, DogSled Loop, M-Line Group C is for riders who are comfortable on there bikes and want to start to improve on fitness and techincal skills. Breaks and sessioning of technical featurs as needed/requested. Ride leader(s):TBA


Group D – Beginner –> K2 @ 7:00pm (on your Bike) Duration: ~ 80 minutes Trails: BearTree,Rockhopper, Fast out, Dog Sled Loop, Klondike and M-Line Sessioning of any technical sections as requested by the group Group D pace is a relaxed pace allowing for people new to mountain biking to get a taste of what SMH has to offer. Frequent stops at techinical features for sessioning and/or tips/advice. Breaks as needed Ride leader(s): TBA


Mandatory items

  • safety helmet
  • close-toe footwear
  • 1L of water
  • spare tube and pump
  • signed OMBA Waiver Form (see note above)


Strongly recommended items

  • eye protection
  • mosquito repellent
  • more than 1L of water
  • snack bar/power drink
  • chain oil
  • repair kit (chain break, Allen keys, etc…)


Directions to K2 (South March Highlands) Take 417 west bound Take Eagleson / March Road EXIT Take March Road North Travel on March Road for approximately 5.5km Turn left on to Klondike Road (Shoppers Drugmart will be on your left.) Travel all the way up Klondike Road until 2nd line Extension. This is K2. Extra parking is available at the parking lot on the corner of Halton Terrace and Klondike Road.

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